Window Safety

Smash & Grab

Automotive Safety Film

Within an instant, a thief can shatter your car window and rob you of your valuables. This can be particularly dangerous if you are in the vehicle during the attack.

LLumar Safety and Security Film is the most effective defense against a smash-and-grab attack.

By holding broken glass in place, LLumar slows down access to the vehicles interior.

Protect your valuables

Protect Your Investment

The sun can present many dangers to you and your vehicle such as distracting glare and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

LLumar Solar Control Safety Film:

  • Filters out distracting glare, providing a safer view of the road
  • Blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays, protecting vehicles and occupants
  • Reduces heat, creating a cooler, more comfortable environment for you and your passengers


Preserve Your Vehicles Looks

LLumar Crystal Clear Paint Protection Film is optically clear and preserves your vehicle’s good looks without changing its appearance. LLumar lets paint colours stay true, all the while creating an invisible barrier against abrasions, nicks and scratches from insects, small road devris, grime and chemicals

Professional Installation is Best

Llumar Smash & Grab Safety film

The best film requires the the best technicians. LLumar authorised fitment centres are carefully selected by the distributor for their commitment to providing professional quality installations and customer service. LLumar dealers are trained to factory standards, to install LLumar Safety and Security and LLumar Paint Protection film to achieve maximum performance and peace of mind.

LLumar Smash & Grab Test