Architectural Window Film

Safety, Energy Saving, Decorative

Architectural Window Film

Safety Film
Forced Entry

Smash-and-grab theft can cost retailers hundreds of thousands of Rand in damage to windows and furnishings. LLumar’s safety film deters forced entry by making windows harder to penetrate, which encourages would-be intruders to seek easier targets. Safety window film doesn’t block product displays, so you can deter thieves without discouraging customers. LLumar safety film provides affordable protection for a variety of applications. These include commercial, residential, mass transit, and government facilities. Window safety film is ideal for unique applications such as glass display cases, balcony closures, and shower doors.

Accidental Breakage

When accidents or spontaneous breakage occur, shattered glass fragments can pose great risk of personal injury. Our safety film reduces this risk of injury and helps hold glass fragments in place until they can safely be removed and replaced. Windows are the most vulnerable part of any building’s façade and provide easy points of breakage by wind carried debris, vandalism and other accidents.


Energy Saving Film

LLumar window film helps preserve the colour of fabrics, carpets and hardwood floors.

LLumar energy-saving window film can boost the performance of nearly any glazing system, significantly reducing energy consumption and peak demand and lowering carbon emissions.

Professional energy audits estimate that buildings retrofitted with LLumar energy saving window film could realise annual energy savings as high as 15%. Return on investment can be achieved in as little as three years.

Is Your Building Energy Efficient?
It is estimated that one-third of a building’s cooling load is from solar heat gain through windows, and nearly 75% of existing windows are not energy efficient. LLumar offers Energy savings calculations to clearly show how LLumar energy saving window films can improve efficiency to deliver significant savings and rapid payback.

Decorative Film

Combine your creativity with the flexibility of LLumar decorative films and the possibilities are endless.

Etched glass panels provide a beautiful means of creating an entirely new environment of space, light, and beauty, but they can be costly. LLumar frosted window films give the appearance of expensive etched glass, come in different patterns and textures, and are easily removed and replaced when a new look is desired. Frosted, patterned films can be easily applied vertically, horizontally or diagonally to create stunning effects on existing glass.

Product benefits include:

Flexible design
LLumar decorative window film allows you to bring colour, visual effects and graphic patterns to glass surfaces or customize a space with a corporate logo that can be removed and replaced when a new look is desired.

Enhanced privacy
Frosted window films allow light to pass through glass while protecting privacy in homes, offices, and commercial environments. It’s become a popular solution in creating privacy on office partitions.


Glare reduction
Frosted window films reduce eye strain and help improve conditions for office employees and building tenants.

Cost effective
Etched glass is an expensive option when compared with these aesthetically pleasing and versatile window film treatments.