Paint Protection

Paint Protection

Ultimate Paint Care Protection

We offer the ultimate paint care and protection therapy for your vehicle. Using the latest and most innovative body care products available.


Providing maximum protection for your vehicle’s paintwork by sealing in colour and showroom shine thus preventing oxidization or fading to occur.  No more dull or grainy look. You will no longer need to wax or polish your vehicle as frequently. Maintenance is reduced dramatically and any water that makes contact with the paintwork will ensure the dirt simply sheets off.

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Maximum protection for your vehicle


Preserve Your Vehicles Looks
LLumar Crystal Clear Paint Protection Film is optically clear and preserves your vehicle’s good looks without changing its appearance. LLumar lets paint colours stay true, all the while creating an invisible barrier against abrasions, nicks and scratches from insects, small road devris, grime and chemicals

Professional Installation is Best
The best film requires the the best technicians. LLumar authorised fitment centres are carefully selected by the distributor for their commitment to providing professional quality installations and customer service. LLumar dealers are trained to factory standards, to install LLumar Safety and Security and LLumar Paint Protection film to achieve maximum performance and peace of mind

Clear paint protection film