RUNFLAT™ Safety Bands

RUNFLAT™ Safety Bands

Affordable Run-Flat Technology

A blow-out occurs when sudden deflation renders the tyre pressure insufficient to hold the tyre in position. Generally, the tyre bead moves into the well of the rim causing the rim to make contact with the road surface, which could result in a catastrophe.

Irrespective of one’s driving skills, blow out’s can be fatal; and with little or no steering control the lives or passengers, fellow road users and one’s own could be at risk. RUNFLAT™ Safety Bands support deflated tyres, preventing them from slipping off the rims and therefore significantly increases steering, breaking and cornering control in dangerous situations.

What Can Go Wrong!

Deflated tyre without

Deflated tyre with
RUNFLAT™ fitted

Don’t let this happen to you!

Consider the potential danger to you and your family if you suffer a blowout or puncture whilst traveling late at night or in a dangerous area!

The danger resulting from loss of control is obvious, but an even greater danger is the possibility of you or a member of your family being assaulted, robbed or raped whilst trying to change a tyre in a remote or dangerous area.