Bin Linings

Rhino Linings

Protective Bin Lining

LCV, HCV & Commercial Vehicles

Your vehicle is an investment – don’t let it turn into a rust bucket.

Rubberising from Rhino Linings provides protection against rust, abrasion, impact damage and the corrosive effects of chemicals. Sprayed-on up to 5mm thick in a variety of textures and in almost any colour available you are sure to get a lining that suite your taste and needs.


Commonly used to transport cargo, Rhino Linings will offer the perfect solution to protect your assets.

Its slip resistant surface not only limits damage to your trailer but also your cargo being hauled around. We also offer unique and innovative solutions for insulation and animal transporters.

Alleviate cargo sliding – which can cause damage or get damaged – by applying a spray-on bed liner.


Protect your assets…

Rhino Linings has been around for over 30 years, protected your LCV, trailer or boat.  Spray (applied) in a seamless finish, the lining forms an air and watertight bond to virtually any surface.

Also, as it is custom-sprayed it can be applied to any vehicle.